Kids Drawn wedding invitations

Kids drawn invites are one of my most popular designs.
How does this work?
Firstly you ask your child to draw their image on white paper using ink or it can be pencil, but the lines would have to be quite dark. You can ask them to colour it in. Or I can add the colour at a later date.
You then send me the image, either photographed in natural light with no shadows. Scanned in and emailed or simply post the image to me and I will photograph it. I then work on the image. Removing any smudges or lines you don’t want on and just cleaning it up. I pop it onto an invite design for you and see how you like it before creating the rest of the invite for you.
Designs can have added ribbon, glitter, gems, coloured backing card. Anything you like.

Here are a selection of our Kids Drawn Wedding Invitations

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